About Us

About Us

About Us

White Apron is one of the India’s largest E-Market places for all your needs related to lab instruments, chemicals and medical devices. It is very beneficial for schools, colleges, research institutes, Industries, hospitals, researchers and students as all the requests related to chemicals, medical devices and lab instruments can be easily fulfilled by us. Our products are made up of high quality and can be purchased at affordable prices. There is no minimum order, thus you can place your order as per your requirements. You can also avail unlimited offers while shopping with Whiteapron.

Laboratory Chemicals :

White apron supplies a broad range of chemicals, including pH solutions, indicators and high quality buffers which are required in colleges, schools, industries and hospitals. Whether buffers solutions, indicator solutions, pH solutions, concentrated indicators or dry buffer packs are essential for analysis, White apron has the solution for each of the requirement. Your all necessities can be easily fulfilled by us. One can get quality products from our company which is the most essential prerequisite for doing research. We are not compromising with the quality of products at any cost. You can trust the quality of the products supplied by White Apron.


One can also get laboratory aprons from White Apron to protect you while doing laboratory experiments. Whether you are in need for PVC aprons made from top most quality of virgin vinyl that can impart resistance and superior flexibility to punctures, oils and chemicals or you demand tough hycar aprons made up of nitrile blend suitable for animal fats and grease in cold conditions, White apron can supply as per your requirements.

Our complete safety aprons stock is remarkably resistant to chemicals, abrasions, deterioration from fats and oils. These can be utilized in industrial maintenance, food handling, chemical processing, research in industries and hospitals and many more. We have all the mandatory chemicals, laboratory aprons to fulfill your needs. If you are not able to view the required product in our list, there is no need to worry.



Apart from medical devices, laboratory chemicals, and aprons, White Apron has a wide network including researchers, faculty members and students.

Therefore, you can also clarify your research related doubts and concerns through connecting with our networking of global professionals. It will help you to save your time and at the same time improvise your knowledge. We also impart complete safety kit which can be utilized in your research labs. We are also connected with some of the research labs.

So, what are you waiting for? You can contact us at info@whiteapron.in or 9502841400 or 9676915595. Enjoy quality products, great networking, and clarification of your research related doubts and that too with exciting unlimited offers with no restriction of limited order.

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